Surface roughness is decisive in the final quality of all components.

A good service life of a component requires an optimal surface quality. Each material, each manufacturing process, has its own particular characteristics. And for each of them, we have the right blasting process.

By selecting the appropriate abrasive and the ideal process parameters, we can generate surfaces with controlled roughness, satin finishes on stainless steel, texturing of molds, aging of wood, removal of rust and corrosion in machined parts.

Controlled roughness

The surface quality of a multitude of components is critical in a wide variety of industries. The ability to create surfaces with roughness patterns within very demanding ranges requires careful control of the blasting process.

The abrasive and all process parameters are monitored during treatment to ensure repeatability of the finish.

Stainless steel finish

The welded joints of stainless steel structures used in the food and industrial sectors must be cleaned and decontaminated.

Sandblasted polishing using glass beads mechanically strips the welded areas and gives the whole a uniform satin metal appearance.

We can treat pieces of dimensions that reach 10 x 4 x 4 meters with a maximum weight of 3,000 Kg.

Traditional grinding or chemical etching methods have multiple drawbacks:

  • Time invested and lack of uniformity in the finish, in the first case and,
  • Water rinsing and subsequent waste management in the second case.

Our process is respectful of the environment, since the waste generated is inert.

Mold texturing

A clear alternative to chemical texturing.

Benefit from its main advantages:

  • Great economic savings and
  • Short execution time

By spraying different types of abrasives, we are able to solve a wide range of needs for plastic and rubber injection molds:

  • Stain removal on previously textured molds
  • Anti-reflective surfaces
  • Retexturized after welding refills
  • Elimination of marks in cavities

The anti-abrasive protection of the sealing lines and ejector holes guarantees their integrity and the correct functioning of the mold after texturing.

It is a finish similar to EDM, we are guided by the nomenclature and VDI finishes.