TEM and AFM are two alternative processes to traditional methods for removing burrs and polishing surfaces in areas with very difficult access.

TEM (Thermal Effect Machining)

More popularly known as Thermal Deburring, the TEM benefits from the difference in thermal conductivity between the part and the burr. The piece, with a high mass compared to its surface, easily dissipates heat while its temperature rises contained. On the contrary, burrs, with little mass in relation to their surface, have little heat dissipation capacity and easily reach their ignition point. It is then that the flash burns and is oxidized by the gas mixture in the chamber in which they are introduced.

AFM (Abrasive Fluid Machining)

Process for surface finishing of interior cavities in which a viscous fluid that contains abrasive particles is used. By passing this fluid through the cavity to be treated, the following benefits are achieved:

  • Extremely low roughness
  • Burr removal in inaccessible locations